Thursday, December 24, 2009

It was a dark and stormy Christmas Eve.

It was a dark and stormy Christmas Eve. Heavy wind and rain caused the reindeer to crash Santa into the ditch, and the toys were lost. There is some questions whether Rudolph's nose was a little redder than usual, after a flask was found in his harness. Santa, in his disgust, went to a roadside bar and knocked back a few while waiting for the AAA to show up. After one drink to many, he beat up an elf with a barstool and threw up in his sleigh. Santa was arrested on an excessive jolly-ness charge and a failed breathalyzer test. One of Santa's helpers had to bail him out of jail but not before he got a prison tattoo which read "Let me show you my North Pole." The reindeer, after waiting for hours and eating all the carrots, carjacked a passing Fed Ex truck. The reindeer made the driver run down the road while they tried to hit him with the truck, laughing and throwing Christmas presents at him as they passed. So, if you don't get your presents...write Santa again. Merry Christmas.

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