Monday, April 27, 2009

Dogwoods and Butterflies

Today, I rode through falling dogwood flowers and butterflies. I was riding my mountain bike on Monte Sano along the trails and a breeze blew up and I rode through falling dogwood petals and a bunch of butterflies. It was a beautiful day and the mountain is covered with the bright green of Spring. There was no one on the trails, just me, my bike and the trail.

After riding for a while, I passed the place where I crashed on my mountain bike. I realized it was three years ago this week I crashed while riding with my riding friend Mary Anne. I stopped and said a prayer of thanks: A big thanks to Mary Anne for saving my life and a prayer of thanks that I can still ride.

Riding through falling dogwood petals and butterflies on the trail just reminded me how fragile we are and how much I love to ride.

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