Friday, February 29, 2008

Bouncing Nikon

Today, as I was walking out of the Blount County Courthouse after photographing two Sweet Potato Queens, I dropped my Nikon camera. It was like one of those slow motion scenes in a movie. I watched as the strap slipped out of my fingers and it hit the top step of the dozen steps of the traditional Southern courthouse. It bounced to the next step, spun in the air, hit the next step, clunked on the next concrete step, bounced a few inches, hit the next step bounced this about ten times and you get the idea. It was like the Simpson's scene where Homer falls off the cliff and you hear Doh!, Ouch!, Oof!, Eeek!, Duh!, Doh! as he hits each ledge on his way down. In fact, that image played through my mind right after the D2H stopped bouncing. Nikon cameras aren't really made to bounce. After it was all over I was sure the camera was going to the shop or the boneyard. I picked it up, checked the glass, reset the aperature and - click, click, click. It looks worse than it did when I got back from Iraq, but it works. Thanks, Nikon.

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