Monday, January 16, 2012

Waiting on ambien,
to slip into my head.
Sneak up to all the demons,
and put them all to bed.
Waiting on ambien,
to invite the darkness in.
Hide the white noise echoing in my mind.
Silence that never-ending static.
Waiting on ambien,
to make my world smaller.
So tiny it's just a grain of sand.
I can drop it in a bottle,
toss the bottle into the sea.
Drown the demons,
and change the white noise into surf.
Once the demons are out of my head,
there's room for all the dreams and ideas -
to mingle on the beach.
Under a lighthouse,
guiding the ideas of the mind.
Next to a lighthouse, that's where I'm waiting,
I'm just waiting on the ambien,
to slip into my head.

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