Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Dog Is Addicted To Pot(s)

My dog, Rocket, is addicted to pot(s).

If he sees a pot his pupils dilate and he starts drooling. The bigger the pot, the better. He just can't get enough pot action. I keep having to go out and buy him new pots.

Plastic pots. The black plastic pots you buy that dogwood in at a nursery or garden center. He loves them.

Rocket will run with his front paws in the pot sliding it across the patio like a sled. He will spin in circles while holding the pot in his mouth. Around and around and around. I've seen him so dizzy he sits down because he can't  walk.  He's constantly carrying the pot around the yard. He will stalk the pot. He sleeps next to the pot. He just loves the pot. 

Sometimes, I'll take the pot away. Rocket gets too obsessed with the pot. I don't think it's good for him to play with the pot so much.  I put the pot on top of the work shed, out of his reach. He sits on the sidewalk looking at the pot, just waiting for the wind to blow the pot down. After a while, I can't stand it and I give Rocket his pot. I know, I'm an enabler.

After a few weeks, the pot is destroyed. Pieces of black plastic litter the  yard.  He mostly ignores the little shreds of pot. Occasionally, he picks a piece up and shakes it half-heartedly.  But you can tell the addiction has run it's course. But, also, it seems like Rocket has lost a little something, a little pot spark. I see the anticipation in his blue eyes when  he sees the pot in the back yard first thing in the morning, pawing at the door to get out and play with his pot again.  Now, he just wanders on the back yard, seemingly without purpose.  Oh sure, he sniffs here and there, but it's not the same as chasing a big, black pot around the yard.

But after a while, I drive by the garden center again. I think of Rocket wandering listlessly in the back yard.  I know I shouldn't stop. Stacks of black pots in every size are stacked by the back door.  I talk to the clerk. He takes me to the back and shows me the stacks of pots. I pick out a pot, the bigger to the better. I try to explain the pot is for my dog.  I'm not sure whether he believes me.  I walk to the counter and offer to pay.  He gives me a unsure look and tells me I can just have the pot for nothing. It's pity, I think.

When I walk around the side of the house holding the pot, I can see Rocket's bright blue eyes light up. His tail starts wagging. He starts jumping and barking. I throw the pot into the back yard and he is on it immediately- sliding in the pot, spinning in the pot, chasing the pot around the yard. This will go on for hours.

My dog is addicted to pot(s).


Warm Southern Breeze said...

How long has this been going on?

Victoria said...

You should take a video of this. said...

At least it is just pot(s). My dog, Alvin, is addicted to coke (plastic bottles). If he finds one it is gone in a flash. Sometimes I find traces in the bottom of the pool, but usually just crumbs every where. I think he eats it! ha ha ha