Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow-My-God, Snow Shit, More Snow?, Snow Mas, Say It Ain't Snow

After working through a couple of actual snowstorms in the Rocket City I have a few observations:

People are kind when it snows.

I hope God scatters, covers, and smothers Ronda and Eva, the waitress and cook at Waffle House, with love. They were going into their third shift because their cars were snowed in and no one else could make it into the S. Parkway Waffle House. It was only the two of them, their replacements couldn't make it through the storm. The were very busy, but kind and friendly. I heard Eva say, "Look we have to wash some dishes, we're all out. So, y'all who just walked in are just going to have to be patient.  We'll get to you as soon as we can. " They were the only place in town where you could get a warm meal. They even made me some fresh, hot chili! Angels with a Southern accents, that's who they are....

People are idiots when it snows. 

A guy was walking down the middle of an ice-covered Governors Drive in the middle of the storm.  Not crossing the street, mind you.  He was walking down the center of the street.  Traffic was backed up to get around him and cars and big trucks were having to swerve around him. As I passed, honking, he gave them this indignant look - some sort of snow-storm attitude, I guess.

People are clever when it snows.

I saw snowmen, snow women, snowdogs, snow forts, igloos. I saw young and old  people sledding on cardboard, trash can lids, trash bags, an iron, and yes,  real Yankee-looking sleds. I saw people shovel snow with garden shovels, plywood, leaf blowers, and one person even used a rake. (Good luck with that.) 

People are determined when it snows.

I saw a father walking from Hobbs Road to Hazel Green to be with his daughter who was having seizures.  I met a doctor walking in the snow because the roads were impassable to the hospital to do her rounds. I saw The Huntsville Times delivered every day of the storms, even on the mountains.  I saw workers showing up for work, because that was what you do even if it snows.

People can't drive when it snows.

Driving...forget it.  But, in all honesty, people should get out and drive a little, so they at least know a little about winter driving. People all over the world drive when it snows, why can't we?  I mean, don't drive 80 mph down the parkway while slamming on your brakes on the overpasses, but get a feel for what it's like to drive in the snow. 

People freak out when it snows.

Really, how much milk do people drink when it snows? And gasoline...if everyone is staying home, why do they ALL need to be buying gasoline? You like 24 hour news? You'll get it. But, how much weather news can one brain take?  In my opinion, the busiest places before a storm should be liquor stores. What else are you going to do?

People walk their dogs in the snow.

Everyone seems to feel the need to walk their dogs in the snow.  I imagine, this is very exciting for the local dog community.  Now, for the dogs, there is visual confirmation of the best places in the neighborhood to pee.  Maybe it's an ancient link of survival - when man and dog truly relied on one another to survive in a much harsher world? Man and dog, pushing against the storm, together.

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You are a talented photographer and now writer? Wow. I really enjoyed reading this. Very cool.-Shannon