Thursday, August 19, 2010

There's always extra love on the menu.

"Sweetie, there's just too much love in the world to be stressed."

That's what Miss Cathy, owner of Soul Burger said to a customer who was having a bad day. And she meant it. Cathy Briggs is one of the most...friendly doesn't even come close...kindest, caring, full-of-love person you will ever meet. I challenge anyone to go into her place and not "feel the love". She'll call you a loving nickname - Cutie Patootie, Sweetie, Love, or Sweetness. You can't help but feel better after having lunch with Miss Cathy. If its your first time - and you're a Soul Burger Virgin, she'll ring the bell and announce you to everyone in the restaurant. When you walk in you feel like you're among friends. And some days, who doesn't just want to feel a little love. I think everyone should visit Soul Burger, its just good for the soul.

Oh, the food is good, too. There's always extra love on the menu.

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