Saturday, October 3, 2009

Now, it's quiet. Too quiet.

I shot my first football game of the season tonight. How strange. A few years ago, I would have shot a dozen games by October. It's a different world in newspapers than when I started 20 years ago. We were covering three, sometimes four, college games a weekend. Now, it's October before I shoot my first high school game.

Our last person to take the buyout, Jerry, left the building today. He was a good newsman. The newsroom seems so empty. It used to be there was always someone in the newsroom writing, talking on the phone or just hanging around. I miss the sounds of a busy newsroom, phones ringing, keyboards clacking, editors screaming, sports dudes laughing, doors slamming, photographers bitching... Now, it's quiet. Too quiet.

I saw a New York Times piece in photojournalism the other day. The photographer, who had been shooting in Iraq and was called back to New York to shoot fashion, said the role of the photojournalist has changed. Many photojournalists used to specialize in sports or fashion, or even war photography. Now, photojournalists have to be the jack of all trades, sometimes even shooting video and writing. But the jobs are becoming harder and harder to find. It's a great job, there's nothing I'd rather do. But I wonder just how long I'll be able to do it.

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