Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twenty Five Random Things About Me

Here are twenty five random things about me...

1. I've only had one job since college. I love my job, but I hate it sometimes defines me.
2. I wish I could fly a plane. I love to fly, I have flown in acrobatic planes, open air cockpits, helicopters, and even a hot-air balloon. Helicopters are the best.
3. Poetry makes me happy, haikus are my favorite. I sometimes count syllables (5-7-5) when I'm talking. I love seeing the pattern of words in poems.
4. I hate silence, unless I'm praying.
5. I wish I prayed more, I think it would be good for my soul.
6. I love music and always have the radio on, but I can't read music or play anything.
7. My birthday is on All Saints Day. I'm not a saint.
8. I remember the Ku Klux Klan stopping our car in Georgia on a church trip. I felt ashamed for being white. I thought of them when Obama was sworn in and wondered if they were alive to see a black man as President.
9. I like blue sky. I like to shoot wide-angle photos when there are blue skies.
10. Paris is my favorite city.
11. We could see the fireworks over Disneyland from my first home.
12. Too often, I wonder how I am going to die. I'm not really afraid of dying, I just wonder how it happens.
13. I had Rickets as a boy and wore leg braces until I was three. I think that's why I run.
14. I like to ride my bike really fast (50 mph) downhill. It makes me feel alive and I feel like I define motion.
15. I've been to a war zone and the bastards shot at me.
16. My wife, Laura and I are nothing alike. I think it makes the marriage work...most days. I love her.
17. I love to surf, but I'm a horrible surfer.
18. I would go crazy if I couldn't talk to my friends.
19. I knew I would be a photojournalist - i like that word - since I was a freshman in high school.
20. I would love to own a Corvette.
21. I think I should learn Spanish.
22. I watch mountain bike wrecks on You Tube and laugh. A friend saved my life after I wrecked on my mountain bike.
23. I like the way dogs live in the Now.
24. In every friend I see God at work in my life, I'm just not sure exactly what He's up to.
25. I hate getting shots. The smell of the alcohol freaks me out. I hate hospitals more, so I abide the needles.

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