Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Governor messed with me today.

I was waiting for Bob Riley, governor of Alabama, to show up at a forum at a high school today. The usual fare - governor shows up, gets out of car, greets onlookers, walks in waving, greets officials, finds place on panel, the never-ending introductions, and the event begins. I've done it hundreds of times. He's great in front of the camera, he waves all the directions, greets the photographers, he knows how to work the crowd. Today, the governor gets out of his SUV and walks in the door. He stops and says, "Did you get it?" I waited and looked over my camera at him. I didn't even realize he was talking to me. "Did you get it?", he asked again. I looked at him befuddled. "I'll go back and come in again if you'd like," Riley said. By now, everyone (including three television stations) are all just staring at me. I laughed a half-hearted laugh. "No, that's ok," I said, sheepishly. He just laughed and the whole entourage started moving again. He walked into the auditorium and the forum started. Just an odd moment.

Riley just likes to mess with folks, I guess.

I shot a cool photo of his boot. He always wears boots with his initials. It's his thing.

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